ZM Series

Solvent Based Screen Ink Range, 2-Component


Screen printing inks for printing on metals (aluminium, steel, copper), coated surfaces as well as various thermoplastics such as ABS, PMMA (“acrylic glass”), pre-treated polyolefines, i.e. polypropylene (PP), polyethylene (HD-PE, LD-PE) and duroplastics (phenolic and melamine resins, glass fibre reinforced polyester and epoxy resins).


• Screen inks ZM are solvent based 2-component screen printing inks, which have to be processed with hardener.
• ZM inks show good printability. They dry chemically-physically and result in a glossy finish.
• ZM colour shade formulations are free of silicone.
• This ink range is especially suitable for technical/industrial applications requiring high physical resistances.
• Cured prints show good elasticity as well as resistance against alkaline media.
• Resistance against organic solvents is limited.
• ZM inks are also suitable for long-term outdoor applications.
• Note: Because of the variety of substrates, pre-tests are essential. It is also advised to check efficiency of possibly required pre-treatment of substrates (cleaning/degreasing, flame/corona/plasma treatment) or maybe even post-treatment (flame-drying).


>> Product Data Sheet ZM Series

Color Shades


>> Color Card Standard 2*

10 citric yellow 11 medium yellow 12 dark yellow 15 orange 17 ochre yellow 20 light yellow 21 bright yellow
22 carmine yellow 25 pink 30 light blue 31 medium blue 32 ultra marine 33 dark blue 34 turquoise
37 violet 40 light green 41 fir green 50 light brown 51 dark brown 60 white 65 black




>> Color Card Standard HD

60 HD white 65 HD black      


You will find further color shades of ink series ZM in the product data sheet.


>> Product Data Sheet ZM Series


* The strength and tint of all colors depicted on this website may deviate from the original due to technical reasons. For an exact color display please ask for our original color cards.