ZMN Series

Solvent Based Screen Ink Range, 2-Component


Screen printing inks for printing on pre-treated polyolefines, i.e. polypropylene (PP), polyethylene (HD-PE, LD-PE) such as beer crates and similar containers. Also, for coated and chromium-plated surfaces as well as for printing of various thermoplastics like PMMA (acrylic glass) and ABS and duroplastics (phenolic and melamine resins, glass-fibre reinforced polyester and epoxy resins).


• Screen inks ZMN are solvent based 2-component screen printing inks, which have to be processed with hardener.
• In line with current safety requirements ZMN inks have been formulated with especially environmentally compatible raw materials. ZMN inks do not contain aromatics, butyl glycolate (GB-Ester), cyclohexanone, Bisphenol A (BPA) and also no polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAH).
The only exceptions are AB bronzes 75/AB to 79/AB (contain aromatics) and black colour shades N50 and 65 (pigments contain PAH). AB-bronzes are only available upon request.
• If the criteria to obtain the GS mark (category 1) according to GS specification AfPS GS 2014:01 PAH have to be met, the following applies:
Colour shade black: Only colour shades N58, 68 or 68-HD-NT are suitable.
Bronze colours: Only MG bronzes are suitable (available upon request)
Thinner/Additives Only those products marked with symbol  in this data sheet are suitable.
• ZMN inks show good printability. They dry chemically-physically and result in a glossy finish.
• This ink range is especially suitable for technical/industrial applications requiring high physical and chemical resistances.
• Fully cured prints show a good scratch resistance and a highly tough surface.
• ZMN inks exhibit good resistance against chemical cleaning agents.
• ZMN inks are suitable for long-term outdoor applications.
• Note: Because of the large variety of substrates, pre-tests are essential.


>> Product Data Sheet ZMN Series

Color Shades


>> Color Card C-MIX System 2000*

Y 30 Y 50 O 50 R 20 R 50 M 50 V 50
B 50 G 50 N 50 W 50 E 50 blindpixel W50  W50




>> Color Card Standard HD

60-HD white 68-HD black        


You will find further color shades of ink series ZMN in the product data sheet.


>> Product Data Sheet ZMN Series


* The strength and tint of all colors depicted on this website may deviate from the original due to technical reasons. For an exact color display please ask for our original color cards.