RF-K Series

Solvent Based Process Printing Screen Ink Range, 1-Component


Screen printing inks for 4-colour process printing. Suitable for thermoplastics, e.g. rigid PVC and PVC self-adhesive foil, polystyrene (PS), polycarbonate (PC), PMMA (“acrylic glass”) and acetobutyrate.


• Screen inks RF-K are solvent based 1-component screen printing inks. They dry by evaporation of solvents and result in a satin gloss finish.
• RF-K process colours are delivered in a thixotropic adjustment (paste-like). They have been formulated for printing of detailed halftone motives, show good printability and are quick drying.
• RF-K process inks exhibit a good weather fastness.
• If necessary, optical density can be reduced adding transparent paste or increased by addition of RK-K process colour concentrates.
• Note: On thin plastic foils, RF-K inks may cause cut or die edges to roll up. This is especially the case with multi-layer prints combined with die-cut applications. This effect can largely be avoided/reduced with reprographic measures (under cover reduction – UCR).

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Color Shades



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180 yellow 181 magenta  182 cyan  65 black      


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