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SUNCOAT offers a wide range of high-quality emulsions which are suitable for most screen printing applications.

Coates also offers all the necessary products for mesh preparation, cleaning and de-coating.

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SunCoat Screenfix Extra Adhesive

SunCoat Screenfix Extra Adhesive is a high bond strength, fast curing, two component screen adhesive for highly chemically resistant bonding of screen printing meshes to frames made of aluminum, steel, wood and galvanized iron. SunCoat Screenfix Extra Adhesive is fast drying, allowing very short dwell times in the stretching unit and bonding of high-tension mesh without any loss of tension when the mesh is released from the stretching clamps. The adhesive is flexible and does not cause brittleness of the mesh after drying.

>> Product Data Sheet SunCoat Screenfix Extra


SunCoat Degreaser Concentrate YC34

SunCoat Degreaser Concentrate YC34 is a highly active pre-treatment compound for degreasing polyester, nylon and stainless steel screen printing meshes, either by manual application or in automatic screen preparation machines. It is recommended for use with all types of screen photo stencils.

>> Product Data Sheet SunCoat Degreaser Concentrate YC34


SunCoat Mesh Cleanser YC1215

SunCoat Mesh Cleanser YC1215 is a product combining excellent degreasing with uniform wetting of all screen fabrics from very coarse to very fine grades. SunCoat Mesh Cleanser YC1215 is suitable for all stencil types, but especially for film stencils which require excellent water-film retention on the mesh when applying the film.

>> Product Data Sheet SunCoat Mesh Cleanser YC1215




SunCoat New Horizon YC4101/YC4005

SunCoat New Horizon is the successor product of YC4001/YC4005 Horizont.
New Horizon YC4101/YC4105 is a 2-component, dual sensitized (dual cure) screen emulsion capable of producing stencils of an extremely high quality.
Stencils produced with SunCoat New Horizon exhibit high definition and high resolution. SunCoat New Horizon is suitable for printing with solvent based, UV-curing, plastisol and (to a limited extent) water-based inks.

>> Product Data Sheet SunCoat New Horizon


SunCoat 2000 Screen Emulsion YC7005

SunCoat 2000 is a dual sensitized (dual cure) screen emulsion which is easy to use, has a high solids content, is fast exposing with excellent latitude, edge definition and resolution. The superior coating properties, fast drying and easy application provide high quality, humidity resistant stencils suitable for use with a wide variety of both conventional solvent, UV and water-based inks.

SunCoat 2000 emulsion gives excellent coating results even when used on poorly prepared meshes.


>> Product Data Sheet SunCoat 2000 




SunCoat Fast Blue Filler

SunCoat Fast Blue Filler has been designed for blocking out open areas of mesh and retouching pinholes in finished stencils. The formulation of SunCoat Fast Blue Filler allows it to dry quickly at room temperature, reducing processing time and increasing the speed of screens to press. SunCoat Fast Blue Filler is resistant to conventional UV, plastisol and solvent based inks, but is water soluble and therefore not suitable for water-based and water-based UV inks.

>> Product Data Sheet SunCoat Blue Filler




SunCoat Stencil Strip Concentrate YC28

SunCoat Stencil Strip Concentrate has been formulated as an easy to use concentrated strip liquid for the de-coating of direct stencils, either by manual cleaning or in automatic reclaiming machines.

>> Product Data Sheet SunCoat Stencil Strip Concentrate


SunCoat Stain Away LV YC135

SunCoat StainAway LV is a low caustic, low viscosity, bleach-based stain remover suitable for the removal of UV ink stains, both conventional UV and water-based UV. It can be applied either by brush or a stainless steel coating trough and may be used in conjunction with emulsifiable screen washes.

>> Product Data Sheet SunCoat Stain Away LV 


SunCoat ProntoWash YC26041EM

SunCoat ProntoWash is a fully emulsifiable solvent wash for the removal of all ink residues prior to chemical stripping of the stencil. SunCoat ProtoWash is primarily designed for use with UV-curing inks but is also suitable for use with many solvent based ink residues. It is suitable for application both manually and in automated stencil recovery machines.

>> Product Data Sheet SunCoat Pronto Wash




SunCoat Supertak Adhesive YA108

SunCoat Supertak adhesive is a specially formulated aerosol adhesive for holding garments or fabric pieces securely in place on a screen printing base during the printing operation. The garment will be fixed securely throughout a multi-color printing operation for accurate register but can easily be removed from the screen printing base without damage or distortion of the printed image. Supertak may also be used as a general-purpose adhesive in the studio or preparation department, for mounting.

>> Product Data Sheet SunCoat Supertak Adhesive