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Environmental Policy Coates Screen

It is the duty of every employee of Coates Screen Inks GmbH not to harm, endanger or pollute the environment and the health of other humans more than can be expected in the circumstances. All activities and actions taken have to be carried out according to the following guidelines.

1. Environmental protection does not only mean that all legal requirements are met. In addition our environmental goals defined by the general management are realized with the same efficiency.

The quality of our products, optimum economic efficiency, environmental protection, safety ,health are equal to the company goals profitability, meeting all demands on the market, quality management and promotion of screen printing and pad printing.

2. The general management is responsible for environmental protection and determines the environmental policy at the site taking the environmental guidelines of TOTAL and Coates into consideration. The general manage ment actively supports compliance with those rules in order to achieve successful conversion.
3. Training courses are an important part of environmental protection. We train our employees to work environmentally safe and carry out internal evaluations.
4. It is our ambition to prevent emergencies by taking preventive measurements and to react quickly and effectively in case of accidents and failures in order to keep hazard to the environment as small as possible.
5. We make sure that during development of our products and their production modern and environmentally beneficial processes are taken into consideration. This comprises all stages of the life cycle of the products, from product development to waste disposal.
6. We optimize our production processes and make sure that our equipment and machines are maintained regularly in order to reduce emissions and waste to the necessary. We carry out measurements regularly in order to control and keep legal threshold values. By suitable recycling and re-use of raw materials we are favoring careful use of natural resources.
7. With the help of our environmental management system continuous improvements in our factory are regularly checked and evaluated. We also assess influence or our factory to the immediate surroundings in order to ensure long-term survival of the economic region of Nuremberg.
8. We make sure that all contracting parties working at our site follow our environmental guidelines.
9. Therefore we closely cooperate with authorities, other companies and the public regarding environmental issues in a trusting and open manner. All their contact persons in our company will always keep all environmental documents up-to-date in a sensible and accurate manner so that they are always available.
10. We give advice to our customers and distributors in reference to safe transport, storage, handling, use and disposal of our products. We use our influence so that our suppliers and customers also take environmental issues into consideration.

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