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Special Laboratory Products

Manager Laboratory
Edwin Tafelmeier
Phone: 0911 6422 241
Fax: 0911 6422 283
Mail: Edwin Tafelmeier
The screen process is unique. Only by screen or pad printing resistant ink films can be applied to nearly all substrates. Due to the nature of the screen and pad inks you can match almost any colour sample with these highly opaque, i.e. highly pigmented ink systems.

All screen inks manufacturers have comprehensive standard ink programs meeting processing requirements, like drying, screen openness etc. and, in addition also meet demands in reference to resistance values. A variety of standard ink systems, often about 20 - 30 ranges, covers the variety of substrates available to a large extent.

Contrary to all other printing techniques the screen process cannot be reduced to a few predictable parameters which will allow best possible results for all applications with standard ranges. The variety of substrates and machines calls for special products. And despite all this - a large and broad field of applications can be covered with universal screen printing inks.

In the opinion of Coates Screen Inks GmbH meeting these requirements is essential for a good partnership with our customers. If necessary we will work out special solutions for all kinds of screen applications, e.g. solvent based, UV-curing or even pad printing. These solutions are presented to the customer and then special products are manufactured, sometimes even in very small amounts. Such work is done in our special production department. Many small machines and lab equipment assist our team in meeting such production requirements. Often screen printers will have a much higher profit using such special products for certain applications than they would have with the production of standard prints.

Thousands of formulations were only made for very special applications. And only our laboratory technicians have a general idea about the variety of special products available.

In many sales structures - like f.e. some of our competitors - the customer does not have a direct contact with the laboratory. At Coates Screen Inks GmbH this is different. Customer requests, improvements, new developments can only be dealt with in a quick and efficient manner and without loss of any information if there is a direct contact between customer and technician. Competent experts for various fields of screen applications are available. In the following we would like to introduce the most important laboratory contacts:

Solvent Inks
Siegfried Kittel

Phone: 0911 6422 243
Fax: 0911 6422 283
Mail: Siegfried Kittel


UV Screen Printing Inks
Martin Kremmeter
Phone: 0911 6422 277
Fax: 0911 6422 283
Mail: Martin Kremmeter

Special Products Automotive
Michael Hartmann
Phone: 0911 6422 243
Fax: 0911 6422 283
Mail: Michael Hartmann
Pad Printing Inks
Patrick Uffinger

Phone: 0911 6422 244
Fax: 0911 6422 283
Mail: Patrick Uffinger


Narrow Web
Roland Schrodt

Phone: 0911 6422 246
Fax: 0911 6422 283
Mail: Roland Schrodt


Circuit Printing
Dominik Koch

Phone: 0911 6422 242
Fax: 0911 6422 283
Mail: Dominik Koch


Screen Applications
Johann Bauer

Phone: 0911 6422 256
Fax: 0911 6422 283
Mail: Johann Bauer

Screen and Pad Printing

Jean Paul Muller
Export Sales Manager
Phone: +33 607 51 47 06
Mail: Jean Paul Muller

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