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There have always been efforts to develop and launch relatively universal ink systems. This has never been achieved completely. On the one hand the variety of different substrates makes this project such difficult, on the other hand the demands on the ink system concerning drying properties, resistances, etc. couldn´t and cannot be reconciled. Nevertheless, we at Coates Screen Inks GmbH pride ourselves to have developed an almost universal ink system for graphic screen printing, which is introduced below.

UVU screen printing inks are suited for printing of rigid PVC-materials as well as plasticized PVC s/a foils. Moreover, this ink system adheres excellently on different polystyrene types. Furthermore, UVU inks can be printed on the substrates polycarbonate, PMMA and PET-G. Pre-treated polypropylene materials such as polypropylene panels, which recently have been used in large quantities for political advertisement, are also suitable substrates as well as paper and board.

Extensive printing trials have demonstrated that UVU process inks show excellent dot reproduction and low ink pile.

UVU inks contain lightfast pigments and are therefore suitable for medium-term outdoor applications. Optimum price performance ratio of UVU is the result of our development efforts.

Product Data Sheet UVU

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