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Ink series UVGS is an advanced development of our previous glass ink UVG. Basically technology is the same. However, with this new modular system there are much more application possibilities and this ink is now suitable for universal glass decoration.

There are three different options for using UVGS. The base ink can be adjusted tailor-made for the respective application with addition of a special additive or thinner:

Option A - without additives
Hard and mechanically resistant film directly after UV curing, no special requirements concerning resistance to water and condensed humidity. If necessary, screen inks UVGS are adjusted for printing with up to approx. 5% thinner UV/V. The ink-thinner mixture can be used without reservation until the end of the shelf life shown on the can.

Applications: e.g. furniture industry (except bath room furniture), gaming machines, glass decoration.

Option B - addition of 5% UVGS/HS adhesion promoter
Increased water resistance. The final curing takes place over a certain period of time. Only then the prints reach their final hardness and resistance. At first, the ink film is quite flexible. Therefore glass plates can be cut and ground immediately after printing without any risk of splintering of the ink film. After final curing the prints show excellent mechanical abrasion resistance and also sufficient water resistance for most requirements. After addition of adhesion promoter UVGS/HS the ink can be used for approx. one week without reservation. If a further thinning is necessary, universal thinner UV/V, addition max. 5%, can be used.

Applications: furniture industry including bath room furniture, gaming machines, glass decoration.

Option C - addition of 5% UVGS/HS with subsequent oven post-curing
A post-drying at higher temperatures e.g. 120C for 30 minutes considerably improves resistance properties. The ink film then shows good resistance against condensed humidity as well as against direct contact with water for a longer period of time. However, in wet condition the mechanical abrasion resistance is somewhat reduced but is re-built completely within a short time after drying.

Applications: dish-washer resistant glasses, glass bottles for cosmetics

Alternative for oven post-curing
If drying in the oven is not feasible, it is possible to add 3% hardener UVGS/HF additionally to adhesion promoter UVGS/HS. This ink-hardener mixture has a pot life of approx. 8 hours. Remaining ink can be used within 24 hours if it is added at a percentage of 25% to freshly mixed ink. The printed ink film post-cures at room temperature. The cured ink film already shows good resistance after 24 hours, however, final resistance is reached after 72 hours.

Product Data Sheet UVGS

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