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UV-Curing Anti-Slip Varnish LAB-N 153054

LAB-N 153054 is a new UV curing varnish which forms a very soft and elastic film. Due to these properties this varnish is suitable for a variety of interesting screen printing applications such as adhesive coatings for window glass foils or anti-slip coatings for mouse-pads and trays.

With increasing layer thickness the properties of the anti-slip coating become more distinct so that screen fabrics of 120-34 to 24-140 are possible.

For curing an energy of approx. 250-m300mJ/cm² is necessary. After curing the varnish post-cures, therefore an assessment of the coating should be conducted after 30 or better 60 minutes at the earliest.

Suitable substrates are thermoplastics such as PVC, polycarbonate or polystyrene.

Anti-slip varnish LAB-N 153054 can be modified by addition of a soft component with the name LAB-N 153054/A.

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