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SUNCOAT Copy Emulsions

SUNCOAT offers a wide range of high quality emulsions which are suitable for the most of screen printing applications. The range contains the following products:

  • Diazo
  • Diazo and photopolymer emulsions for double curing
  • 1- component photo- polymer emulsions
Murakami Emulsions and films

Murakami Screen is the worldwide leader in the production of emulsions and in the coating technology, especially with "SBQ"- products. Initially they have been developed in speed, quality and condition for the demands of the Japanese customers mainly in the field of the electronic industry. Coates Screen has built up a cooperation with Murakami to be able to offer this very known products to critical screen printers by a wide dealer network in Europe.

The SUNCOAT chemicals are the ideal completion for the SUNCOAT and Murakami stencil materials. These high- quality and reasonable products are formulated in a way so that they show the lowest risks for health and environment.

This product range includes all products which are necessary before coating of stencil materials and the cleaning of the screens for screen preparation.

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