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The decoration of compact disks a demanding, however quickly changing market has been successfully taken over by the screen industry. It is more important than ever to adapt development of new products to the individual customer requirements. CDs are also advertising media. In order to apply a good and convincing decoration the use of high quality products is essential.

Coates Screen Inks GmbH has been offering a special CD printing ink since 1995, the so-called CD-1 ink. CD1 is a product well-known on the international markets. Now the CD1 ink is supplemented by the ink systems CD Offset and CD2, inks which show quite a number of improvements compared to their predecessors.

Compact Disk Offset Inks, Ranges CDO and CDS
The development of ink ranges CDO and CDS clearly shows the high importance Coates Screen attaches to the necessity to adapt products to customer requirements. More and more customers kept asking for photo quality prints. Excellent printing results with photo quality are mainly achieved using offset printing technology. CDO inks show very good flow properties, excellent rheology as well as good transfer and printing properties. With these properties they meet the demand for photo quality prints. Thanks to the newly developed dry offset printing machines resulting prints show contour sharpness. Transparent as well as brilliant colours can be achieved.

The advantages of these ink types are quick curing and good adhesion immediately after the curing process. CDO inks also have minimal dot gain. In addition viscosity and thixotropic tolerances are very tight. The ink systems are supplemented by specially adjusted screen pre-print and UV-overprint varnishes. CDO inks cover a large number of substrates and are suitable for decoration of all non-read areas of optical media including audio, CD-ROM and DVD. They are also suitable for printing onto UV-spincoats. When printing onto spincoats we recommend to apply the further ink layers as quickly as possible in order to achieve optimal adhesion.

CDO inks are manufactured without addition of amine compounds. Thus there is no risk of fogging effects even if CDs are stored for longer periods in unfavourable conditions. CDO inks are highly resistant to heat and humidity. Shelf life is 12 months, depending on storage conditions sometimes even longer.

Compact Disk Inks, Range CD2

Screen printing inks CD2 were especially developed for printing onto CD-ROM including CD and DVD. What is the difference between the CD2-range and its predecessor CD1? In general the new range is a technical advancement showing the following improvements:

- higher viscosity
- quicker curing
- improved adhesion
- minimised shrinkage

Also flow properties during printing stops were improved. CD2 inks show excellent contour sharpness and printing properties in all printing speeds. Due to the tight thixotropic tolerances solid and process prints can be applied at the same time. CD2 inks show good adhesion on all commercial UV-spincoats as well as on polycarbonate. CD2 inks were formulated to result in minimal shrinkage thus reducing the risk of DVD deformation. Adhesion properties in multi-layer printing are also excellent. CD2 inks can be mixed in any ratio and are intermiscible with CD1 inks. Both systems are fully compatible.

The CD2 range an advancement of its predecessor is another novelty Coates Screen has put on the market.

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